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How many times in your life have you heard a car alarm going off…a dozen times?  More?  Each time you hear an alarm go off that means a thief was thwarted or a light accident to your car.  Wouldn’t you want to know that your car had been tampered with?  Sometimes a window can be broken or you might find a bump in your car.  It can be very useful to have the instant notification of any damage, so it can be fixed right away!  Break-ins are a common occurrence anywhere in the country and having a car alarm installed will not only help you hear and see your car after an incident, it will help prevent a break in from happening by emitting a loud sound and bright light flashes from the front and back of the car.  Having an alarm system is the best theft-deterrent available!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington to have your new car or truck alarm system installed by our professional team of experts.

At Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington, we specialize in preventing the stress that comes with a car burglary or no-fault accident.  The utter shock and emotional betrayal that comes with the loss of personal electronics, a car stereo, important information, or a vehicle can be devastating.  Finding your car with a window smashed or tail-light broken can be a horrible event.   Most car burglaries or vehicle damage by strangers go unsolved and getting back your possessions can be nearly impossible.  That is why taking preventative measures and installing a remote alarm system is the best way to ensure that your car and the items inside it are safe and kept out of burglars’ hands!




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Having a car alarm installed in your car will help put your mind at ease that your car is secure where you parked it.  Remote car alarms allow for flexibility because you can lock your car at the push of a button (and the sound of a chirp) and the many options available allow an alarm system to fit into any budget.  The team at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington will work alongside you to make sure that your car alarm system fits all your needs so you can park your car with assurance and security.

Some remote car alarm options that we provide are:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote starters
  • Two-way remotes
  • Ignition interruption
  • Dual shock sensors
  • Glass sensors

Our trained professional installers at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington are waiting to help you choose which security options are the best for you make and model of vehicle.  Our team will help you choose the options you need and the options that fit your budget.  We have hearts of teachers and we want to make sure you leave knowing how to use your new car alarm system and all the bells and whistles that come with it!


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When it comes to car security, you should not go one more day without it!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington today to have us install your car security system today.  Let us put your mind at ease.