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car navigation, in-dash gps, gps, gps system, mobile navigation systems,Have you even been late to a meeting or a party because you got lost on the way?  I know you have at least once in your life, unless you had a navigation system to use.  Navigation systems are a part of life now.  We wonder how we ever got anywhere without them…at least anywhere we haven’t driven to before.  Using a navigation system in your car eliminates writing down directions from friends or online.  It also virtually eliminates the need for a map, although maps do make nice gift wrap or posters for college dormitories.  If you are living without a navigation system…stop!  You need to call Performance Auto Sound today to have your navigation system installed.

If you have had a navigation system in your car in the past, you know that the portable navigation systems can be a pain.  They have wires which never seem to have a safe place in the car while you’re driving.  They need a battery source, so you always need to be checking to make sure your GPS system doesn’t turn off mid-road trip.  Also, a portable GPS system usually sits on top of the dash board, making a huge obstacle in your front window.  Not to mention that a portable navigation system is highly visible (or leaves suction marks) and can easily be the target of a theft.

mobile navigation, auto navigation, gps system, car navigation, car navigation gps, mobile navigation systemsHaving a navigation system installed into your dashboard eliminates all of these trouble-spots, making the GPS system a dream, not a pain.  An in-dash navigation system never loses power, has no wires, and doesn’t obstruct your driving view. The GPS system can also have a security system in place where it pops down into the dash board when not in use, making theft impossible.  Also, the navigation system that is installed in your car can also have safety features like voice-activated directions and a safety screen that will not allow changes to be made while driving.  Installing a navigation system with these safety features is a great tool for new drivers.  They will have to pull over and stop the car to adjust any setting, making them focus on the road while in drive.

Our state of the art navigation systems are the most up to date and provide the newest technology for your car travels.  Why spend a fortune having a GPS navigation system in your car when you first buy it?  Why buy one of the portable GPS systems that are so readily available for thieves to take?  Installation at Performance Auto Sound will fit any budget and will leave you with the options of updating your system as newer technology becomes available.  This not only won’t break your budget, but will allow you the freedom to change your cars internal decor over the years.

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Our team at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington is expertly trained in the installation of all types of navigation systems and can help you create your system stylized to your cars needs and your wants.  Our team can walk you through how to use your navigation system and help you program features on your installed GPS to make your life easier.  Let us take the guesswork out of your driving schedule.  Having a navigation system installed in your car will make driving to new or old locations a breeze as most GPS systems have specifications for avoiding traffic, tolls, bridges, or highways.  Don’t take another road trip without a navigation system!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington today to set up your appointment today.