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Pioneer CD Receiver with Bluetooth Built-in
Am/fm/cd Receiver with Bluetooth hands free built-in. Ipod and MP3 controller unit
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Alpine Portable Navigation System
features: touchsreen, sd card slot for playing MP3s and built in FM Modulator.
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Rockford Prime 300 Watt Amplifier
300 watt Amplifier features a built in crossover.
Expires on 31/01/2013

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Performance Auto Sound 509-452-0406 in Yakima WA, Car Alarms

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How many times in your life have you heard a car alarm going off…a dozen times?  More?  Each time you hear an alarm go off that means a thief was thwarted or a light accident to your car.  Wouldn’t you want to know that your car had been tampered with?  Sometimes a window can be broken or you might find a bump in your car.  It can be very useful to have the instant notification of any damage, so it can be fixed right away!  Break-ins are a common occurrence anywhere in the country and having a car alarm installed will not only help you hear and see your car after an incident, it will help prevent a break in from happening by emitting a loud sound and bright light flashes from the front and back of the car.  Having an alarm system is the best theft-deterrent available!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington to have your new car or truck alarm system installed by our professional team of experts.

At Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington, we specialize in preventing the stress that comes with a car burglary or no-fault accident.  The utter shock and emotional betrayal that comes with the loss of personal electronics, a car stereo, important information, or a vehicle can be devastating.  Finding your car with a window smashed or tail-light broken can be a horrible event.   Most car burglaries or vehicle damage by strangers go unsolved and getting back your possessions can be nearly impossible.  That is why taking preventative measures and installing a remote alarm system is the best way to ensure that your car and the items inside it are safe and kept out of burglars’ hands!




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Having a car alarm installed in your car will help put your mind at ease that your car is secure where you parked it.  Remote car alarms allow for flexibility because you can lock your car at the push of a button (and the sound of a chirp) and the many options available allow an alarm system to fit into any budget.  The team at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington will work alongside you to make sure that your car alarm system fits all your needs so you can park your car with assurance and security.

Some remote car alarm options that we provide are:

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote starters
  • Two-way remotes
  • Ignition interruption
  • Dual shock sensors
  • Glass sensors

Our trained professional installers at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington are waiting to help you choose which security options are the best for you make and model of vehicle.  Our team will help you choose the options you need and the options that fit your budget.  We have hearts of teachers and we want to make sure you leave knowing how to use your new car alarm system and all the bells and whistles that come with it!


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When it comes to car security, you should not go one more day without it!  Call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington today to have us install your car security system today.  Let us put your mind at ease.

Performance Auto Sound 509-452-0406 in Yakima, WA Device Integration

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How fantastic would it be to be able to drive and talk on the phone safe and hands-free without using the scratchy speaker phone option?  How easy would it be to find your perfect driving tunes on your connected i-pod or mp3 player in your car?  Wouldn’t you love to be able to easily connect your Blackberry, I-phone, or other smart device to your car so you can take your music or phone calls on the road with you?  This can all be a reality to make your busy life so much easier using ipod device integration or iphone device integration!

The team of professionals at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington can install all of the newest technological devices into your car or truck to make your life simpler, including all smart phones and mp3 devices.  Whether you need to have all of your mp3 music available at the touch of your finger in your car or you’d prefer to drive and make phone calls from the safety of your bluetooth device, we can make it a reality for you.  We have a team of professionals at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington, who can install many types of connectivity devices in your car, truck, or SUV.  We have the ability to install your devices to be wireless activated or hard-wired in your cars main cabin.  This allows you to have a video visual of your integrated device.



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Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington installs:

  • i-pod device integration
  • Blackberry device integration
  • Bluetooth device integration
  • Droid device integration
  • i-phone device integration
  • Smart phone device integration

i-Pod integration in your car or truck makes connecting your i-pod to your car as easy as connecting your i-pod to your computer at home at your desk.  Once your i-pod is connected your car will immediately recognize it as an useful audio source, which gives you unlimited options for music in the car, truck, or SUV.  The team at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington, is extremely experienced in installing all electronic device connectivity and is waiting for your call.



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Bluetooth technology allows for two technologies to communicate with each other.  By integrating this wireless functionality into your car stereo, you can hear callers’ voices over your speakers in your car, see incoming call information on your stereo’s display (Performance Auto Sound installs video systems), and make or receive phone calls without touching your phone by using voice activation…keeping your hands on the wheel where they belong.  Most importantly, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while talking to callers.  At Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington, we take first priority in making your car technology adaptable!

We have a trained team of professional installers that use the most precise methods possible to keep your car technology first-class and adaptable to the quick-changing technology available.  Having technology installed at the sale of a car is the most expensive and permanent way to have technology available to you during your drive.  Installing device integration after the sale allows for adaptability and upgrades with technology changes.  Have one of our trained professionals help you pick out the perfect system for your car and needs today at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington.



Performance Auto Sound 509-452-0406 in Yakima WA Keyless Entry

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Oh, there is nothing quite like getting into an already warmed car out of the frosty snow or chilly morning air.  It is such a joy to avoid chipping ice off the windshield because the car has already done that work for you by warming up completely.  Living in Washington, there are more cold and frosty days than warm summer days (at least it feels this way during the winter, doesn’t it?).  Having a professional at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington install a remote car starter will help your car get warm and toasty before you even leave your house, the store, or parties.  A remote car starter is just the luxury you’ve been missing!  Call us today, to change your winter and get your car starter installed.

Besides the self-satisfying reasons to own a car remote starter, cars also benefit from you owning one.  In the dead of winter, the car engine is extremely cold, and while it will turn over and get the car ready to drive, a warmed up engine will run smoothly in the winter, while a cold one is still very stiff because the oil hasn’t warmed up yet.  Having a car remote starter will allow your car to warm up inside the cab and in the engine, too.  This will elongate your cars engines life and will keep your car running smoothly in the winter.




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Another benefit to owning a car remote starter is that it can be fitted with two other options for your car: keyless entry and keyless security.  The key fob containing the remote starter can be fitted to have a keyless entry button as well.  This button can unlock your driver door, unlock the passenger doors, and unlock the trunk of the car.  There can also be a locking door button, which has the option of locking the driver side door and the passenger doors.  When each of the buttons is pressed, a chirping sound will emit from the car, letting you know if the car is securely locked.  This keyless entry system proves extremely useful when you’ve forgotten where you parked, as the chirping noise will direct you to your car with ease.  This means that you will no longer search for your car in the mall parking lot ever again!

With your installed keyless entry system you can:

  • lock your car from a distance
  • unlock the driver side from a distance
  • unlock your passengers doors from a distance
  • unlock your trunk from a distance


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At Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington we use the most technologically advanced keyless entry systems.  Our team would love to help you through all of the features available with your installed keyless entry system.  If you have a smart phone, we can also discuss installing the system to work through your phone, so you are never without your “keys” again.  Droid phones, i phones, and other smart phones can be compatible with a remote car system, too.  Call us today and we can discuss the possibilities with you.  We can even test your keyless entry system with you to make sure all of your questions and concerns are met with security and complete comfort.