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What parent driver wouldn’t love a little silence in the backseat of the car on a long drive to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone Park?  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy errands without a side of “when are we going to be done?”  Complaints from the backseat never make a drive comfortable.  Even short rides can be a drag for some passengers.  This just one of the many reasons why installing a mobile video system in your car or truck is logical!  A video system for your vehicle is just what your family needs to enjoy those long rides to Grandma’s house, the grocery store, or home from a long day at work and school.  You should call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington to have your video system installed today.

Mobile video systems are not what they used to be ten years ago.  Now, mobile video systems have many options available for each model of car or truck.  A video screen can be set into the back of the front seat heat rests.  Children and adults that sit in the back seat can each have their own personal video screen for a relaxing ride around town.  Cars and trucks can also have a center console fitted with a pop-up mobile video screen that allows for central viewing for both passengers in the car.  There can also be drop-down video screens that come out of fitted fixtures or frames.  Lastly, there can be a draw down screen in the trunk of the car, making your car the drive in theater at the beach or pool party.  There is no need to rent a venue for your next party.  Just open the trunk, pull down the screen, and grab your popcorn (and some friends) and you have yourself a ready made party.



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Video systems are not just for DVD’s, either.  Video game systems can be installed to allow your passengers the capability of playing a game while in the car on your mobile video system.  We can attach headphones and player controllers, so each player has their own set to use!  There will never be fighting in the backseat again!

Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington installs:

  • LCD screens
  • DVD players
  • Video game consoles
  • Pull-down projector screens
  • Touch Screens



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You don’t want just anyone fitting your car with a screen.  You want a professional who knows the ins and outs of the electrical work involved as well as the finesse to apply your personal style to the video system.  We have many options available and would love to help you pick out the perfect video system for your vehicle.  Come and see what technology we can offer your passengers for their ride.  Contact the professionals at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington to have your new video system installed with excellence in mind!