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Wouldn’t you love to drive around greater Yakima, Washington with the fresh air whipping through your hair all while your favorite driving music increases the mood with the right tone to the whirr of the engine?  This is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon- driving with the windows or top down and enjoying the beautiful country landscape.  This All-American scene can be ruined by a sub-par sound system that crackles, scratches, or doesn’t handle your music the way it is intended!  Old stereo systems fade over time and the quality of the music is lost if the bass and treble are off.  You shouldn’t have to suffer poor quality audio in your car.

However, deciding on the perfect sound for your vehicle can be very exhausting and stressful. There are so many choices to choose from.  Why spend precious time researching which audio system best fits your music tastes?  Why spend any time stressing over pieces, parts, makes, and models?  Where do you even start?  You start at Performance Auto Sound.  We take the stress and research out of creating the perfect sound system for your vehicle.  Let the professionals at Performance Auto Sound take care of all of your audio needs!  You’ll leave knowing you bought the best sound system for your specific demands and you can experience your music the way it was meant to sound and feel.  Whether you enjoy bass-filled tunes or the simplicity of a crisp concert-hall solo, Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington will be able to take care of all your audio needs, leaving you free to get on with your daily routine with much better sound quality for your ride.



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We are experts in the clarity, dynamic range, frequency response, and tonal balance of each sound system we carry and we will make sure your audio sound system works for you!  At Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington, we carry:

  • receivers
  • speakers
  • amplifiers
  • sub-woofers
  • tweeters
  • woofers
  • speaker boxes
  • speaker wire
  • all the needed hardware

We have experience working with new audio designs and are happy to custom build sound systems for cars with specific needs.  If you want something that makes jaws drop, Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington is the company for you!  We can make or create any sound system you would like to have installed.  Our professional team of installers loves a challenge and is waiting for your call.  Once your list of wants is presented, we will find a solution for you!

With our variety of car audio options, you’re able to customize your new sound system without the headache of flipping through online tabs, forums, or auto audio magazines. Here at Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington we make sure your selection perfectly matches your personality and style as well as your car or truck specifications.  Whether you want your audio system to be the spotlight of your vehicle or the silent, behind-the-scene-star, we can make it happen for you.  You’ll be delighted with our customizable audio systems that are perfect for every car or truck.  Whether you want the perfectly pitched music for your commute to work, well-rounded bass to handle heavy music in your specialty car, or the perfect audio sound for your loved ones daily errands, we are the place to get it all!  For complete, customized car audio installation, you should call Performance Auto Sound in Yakima, Washington today!


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Don’t take the sound and feel of a good piece of music for granted!  It can make all the difference in your driving experience!